Concerned Auto Repairers for Equality

We CARE About Your Rights

Concerned Auto Repairers for Equality (CARE) is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to the safe, ethical, efficient and cost-effective repair of vehicles. This mission of CARE is to foster an environment which legally protects consumers’ rights and enables drivers to make intelligent and informed decisions regarding the repair of their vehicles.

CARE is an affiliate of the Massachusetts Auto Body Association, Inc. (MABA). MABA believes motorists need to know their rights and obligations in the event of an accident, before they are involved in one. The CARE initiative is dedicated to getting motorists informed about and involved in their rights.

This web site is one way that CARE is helping consumers know their rights and understand what is at stake when choosing an auto body repair facility so they can make informed decisions regarding the repair of their vehicles .

CARE is committed to achieving its mission through consumer advocacy, education, and legislative involvement.

Consumer Advocacy
CARE members are committed to informing consumers upfront about their rights. CARE provides clear and direct information about the repair process itself and applicable repair procedures and options.

CARE launches and supports initiatives to inform and educate consumers about their legal rights in deciding how and where their automobiles are repaired after an accident, and the impact of those decisions.

Legislative Involvement
CARE maintains an active consumer advocacy role, proposing new legislation to protect consumers’ rights and safety and monitoring legislative efforts which would impact these rights.

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