Here are some of the ways that MABA can help

Chapter Meetings

MABA has four separate chapters representing each part of the state. They meet at least once a month to learn new ways to improve efficiency and increase profits. Each month, the state headquarters arranges for the same speaker to make a presentation at each of the four chapter meetings, on a topic that is chosen by request from the membership. Come see what you are missing.

Here is what one guest had to say about January's meeting
on The Real Cost of a Total Loss

"On January 19, 2000 I attended my first MABA meeting. Prior to the meeting I had no involvement with MABA. I was so impressed that I fully paid for my first years dues. I have paid more for training seminars and got less out of them. What I learned from that one topic will pay for itself in less than one month."

Sarkis Bazarbachian       
Sako Auto Body, Medford

Network Support

MABA has established a member to member troubleshooting network that is facilitated by the state office in Hanover. Member shop owners and managers help members solve problems that they themselves have encountered at one time and overcome.

Working For Change

MABA is committed to fighting to change unfair rules and regulations, as well as insurance policies and procedures which inhibit a shop owner's right to make decisions about the quality of, and cost of a proper repair.

MABA has successfully fought to keep DRP out of Massachusetts.

Unregistered shop sting; shutting down unregistered backyard shops to ensure a level competition for all.

Legal seminars to help us document and curb insurer abuses so you receive full payment.

MABA established payment of paint and materials from the Mitchell Guide and successfully fought for payment of sales tax on paint and materials.

MABA monitors and participates in monthly ADALB meetings, hearings and findings.


MABA's monthly magazine, the Damage Report, is one of the most widely read industry publications in New England. Additionally, MABA produces a monthly newsletter, the BodyLine, which is sent only to MABA members and informs them of upcoming seminars, meetings, events, local and national news and the latest information on the activities of the association.

As a member of MABA, you will be part of a group of professionals who are constantly working to be the most respected, the most informed, and the most successful repairers in the industry.

  • MABA members are provided with a comprehensive member manual that contains the laws and regulations for repairs, forms to assist you in running your shop efficiently, ADALB rulings, contact names and phone numbers, and so much more in an easy to read tabbed and indexed format. This manual is used daily by our members to ensure that they are paid fully and promptly. This manual can pay your dues.
  • MABA employs an office staff who are available to assist every day of the week from our statewide business office in Hanover.
  • MABA employs a lobbyist to fight for our interest at the State House and the Division of Insurance.
  • MABA has established blast fax network to instantly relay important information to you.
  • MABA maintains this website, which you may link your own site to, or email us with your questions.
  • MABA proactively seeks to improve the image and professionalism of its members through the media.

As a member of MABA, we want to help you be respected
by your customer, the insurance industry and your peers.
We accomplish this through education, and providing
the support that you need to be a successful business.


Active Members
Full members of the association who own or operate collision repair facilities. They have full voting rights, and are entitiled to all the benefits and programs offered by MABA.
Associate Members
Suppliers and jobbers that do not have voting privileges, but are entitled to all the benefits and programs offered by MABA.
Employee Members
Employees of Active or Associate members eligible to receive BodyLine and a wide array of personal benefits (tool discounts, insurance, tuition and training discounts) and other benefits negotiated by MABA.
Sustaining Sponsor
Associate members who participate in MABA's Sustaining Sponsor Program. Sustaining Sponsors do not pay dues.
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