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Recently we introduced the MABA Sustained Sponsorship Program, which allows vendors to receive promotional consideration through MABA's publications, meetings and events in return for 1% of total sales to MABA members to be rebated to our association. The success this program has brought to our corporate participants has been overwhelming. With only four participants in 1999, we now have sixteen.

Understanding that some vendors who service our industry have different needs and policies with regard to the type of programs that they may participate in, MABA is now offering several alternative sponsorship programs that provide your company with the type of exposure to successful businesses interested in your products. It will also help you and your company reach out directly to a large target market willing to promote your support of our organization.

With each of our programs sponsors are given promotional consideration equitable to the value of the specific program they choose. In addition, each sponsorship program comes with individually tailored marketing assistance from MABA's corporate office. This helps to ensure that your individual needs are addressed, and every MABA member is familiar with your company name, your products, and your affiliation to increase purchases of your products by MABA members.

The members of MABA have a proven track record of commercially supporting members and affiliates that belong to MABA and support our association. They fully understand that purchases from your company will directly benefit them through the work of MABA on their behalf. In addition to the promotional consideration provided under the agreement our proven loyalty is a major asset to MABA's sponsorship programs.

While the direct financial benefit of being a sponsor is important, you should also be aware that the funds generated through these programs are used to improve the image of both MABA member shops and our industry. The consumer education portion of MABA 2000 And BEYOND has been extremely successful in changing how the public perceives auto repairers and our industry affiliates. This enhances consumer support for all of our businesses.

We hope that you are able to find the right program for you and your company, and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

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